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Lean Orange Belt Training

The Lean Orange Belt course is the perfect stepping-stone for professionals who wish to progress to Green Belt or Black Belt. In this course, you will not only become well acquainted with the Lean philosophy, you will also learn and understand commonly used Lean techniques and applications.

Lean Orange Belt

The Lean Orange Belt course is the perfect stepping-stone for professionals who wish to progress to Green Belt or Black Belt. In this course, you will not only become well acquainted with the Lean philosophy, you will also learn and understand commonly used Lean techniques and applications.

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What is Lean Orange Belt?

Lean Orange Belt is a training course designed to familiarise you with the extensive knowledge and principles of Lean, preparing you to actively participate in improvement projects within your organisation. As an Orange Belt, you will be trained to carry out improvement projects, lead workshops, identify and eliminate waste, and participate in improvement initiatives.

It is important to understand that Lean is not a ready-made solution but rather a philosophy and mindset that constantly demands improvement and optimisation. By using the right tools and actively involving employees in the improvement process, organisations can move towards a more efficient and customer-centric way of working.

Lean Orange Belt is suitable for individuals who want to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement within their organisation and independently execute improvement projects. It serves as a perfect stepping-stone towards Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

After completing the training, you will be ready to take on improvement projects and make a valuable contribution to the growth and efficiency of your organisation. Our Lean Orange Belt training is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement in their organisation. Additionally, this training serves as a perfect stepping-stone towards Green Belt or Black Belt certification.

What will you gain from the Lean Orange Belt training?

With the help of this training, you will become that colleague who actively contributes to a culture of continuous improvement. As an Orange Belt, you will recognise waste, know how to implement quick wins, and apply commonly used Lean techniques. You will also be able to independently lead and organise improvement projects. You can expect to be able to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of Lean in your daily work.
  • Recognise and eliminate waste to improve efficiency.
  • Address problems in a structured manner and implement sustainable solutions.
  • Actively participate in Lean implementations within your organisation and contribute to continuous improvement.
  • Lead and facilitate workshops to engage team members in improvement initiatives.
  • Implement quick wins to achieve rapid results and create buy-in.
  • Lead and independently execute improvement projects using Lean methodologies.
  • Analyse and use data to make fact-based decisions and support improvements.
  • Communicate effectively and collaborate with stakeholders at various levels across the organisation.

After this training, you will be able to make valuable contributions to process optimisation and create a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.

What will you learn during the Lean Orange Belt training?

During the training, you will learn:

The background and principles of Lean, including the focus on creating value, eliminating waste, and striving for continuous improvement. You will understand how Lean can have a positive impact on organisations and how to define value from the customer’s perspective.

Important Lean techniques and tools used to streamline processes and improve efficiency, such as A3, 5S, Kaizen, Ishikawa, Just-in-Time, Jidoka, Value Stream Mapping, and visual management.

  • How to identify and solve problems using the PDCA and DMAIC methodologies.
  • Identifying root causes of problems and implementing sustainable solutions.
  • Mapping and analysing processes to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Creating an A3 report to structure and communicate improvement projects.
  • Facilitating workshops and involving team members in improvement initiatives.
  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer and translating customer needs into concrete improvement actions.
  • Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders at different levels across the organisation.
  • Developing and implementing an action plan for continuous improvement.

This training will provide you with a broad knowledge and practical skills in Lean, enabling you to actively contribute to improvement projects and promote a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.

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  • The training lasts 3 days.
  • The training can be delivered both on-site and in-company.

Lean Orange Belt: Training opportunities in every region:

Our training programmes are conducted at fixed locations.

What do you get with the Lean Orange Belt training?

  • Three days of intensive training at a specific location, filled with interactive sessions and practical examples.
  • Unlimited access to our e-learning platform, serving as a convenient reference for refreshing your knowledge after the training.
  • All necessary study materials to support you during your learning journey, including handouts, templates, and digital resources.

Lean Orange Belt Certification:

Upon successful completion of all lessons, assessments, and practical assignment (You create a process map, identify waste and come up with solutions), you will receive an internationally recognised Lean Orange Belt certificate. This certifies your knowledge and skills in Lean principles and methodologies and proves your ability to apply Lean principles in various business environments to improve processes and reduce waste.

Our training is accredited by LCS, the Cardiff University licenced service, one of the most reputable Lean certification bodies worldwide. This accreditation ensures that our training meets the highest international quality standards and that your acquired skills and knowledge will be recognised by employers globally.

Would you prefer to learn online?

Do you prefer online learning? Are you ready to accelerate your Lean journey from the comfort of your own home? If so, then our online Orange Belt training could be exactly what you’re looking for! This online training is designed to let you learn at your own pace, wherever you are. It’s the perfect opportunity to elevate your Lean knowledge and strengthen your expertise.

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The phases of lean



Step into the Define phase and discover how to transform your improvement project into a clear roadmap for success! In this crucial phase, you delve deep into the core of the issue, define the scope of the improvement project, and gather 'Voice of the Customer' information. This lays a solid foundation upon which you can build to optimise your process!



Enter the Measure phase and elevate your process to the next level! Here, you go far beyond merely describing and visualising the process. You also hit the nail on the head by identifying waste and unveiling quick-wins. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making through the execution of measurements.



Take action with the invaluable data you've gathered in the Measure phase! Kick off with a baseline assessment to map out your current performance. After this analysis, it's time to fine-tune your improvement journey and delve into the root causes of your problems. Employ an arsenal of advanced techniques not just to identify issues, but also to bring solutions within reach.



Implement improvements in the Improve phase! After conducting in-depth analyses and unravelling the root causes, it's time to come up with solutions. Harness the creativity of the participants and make intelligent use of Lean tools to arrive at a well-thought-out selection of solutions.



This step teaches you a range of robust safeguarding techniques to ensure that resolved issues truly become a thing of the past. You wrap up the Lean project and extend your gratitude to the dedicated project team that made it all possible.