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Lean Training Japan

Transform Your Perspective on Organisations and Leadership Forever!

Lean Study Trip to Japan: Be inspired by one of the most fascinating cultures on earth. Immerse yourself in the world of Lean and gain knowledge and experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This nine-day Lean Training in Japan will forever change your perspective on Lean, organisational structure, leadership, and management. An incredible journey to the heart of Lean Management.

Lean Training Japan

Dive into the fascinating world of Lean and the captivating Japanese culture during our seven-day Lean Training in Japan. Perfect for both beginners and advanced Lean enthusiasts. Visit leading organisations, learn from Lean senseis, managers, and employees, and participate in interactive workshops. This experience will fundamentally transform your perspective of organisational structure, leadership, and management. Experience the magic of Lean management in the land of the rising sun and return with a wealth of new insights, experiences, and unforgettable memories.

Lean Training and study trip Japan

This unique adventure will enrich both your life and your career. You will have the opportunity to expand your network, broaden your horizons, and gain new insights and ideas that will elevate you to new heights as a Lean specialist.

What is Lean Training in Japan?

A Lean training or study trip to Japan is a unique training programme that takes you to the heart of Lean philosophy. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture where Lean originated and learn from the best Lean masters in Japan.

Japan is known as the birthplace of Lean and has elevated this methodology to an art form. During this Lean Training, you will have the opportunity to visit renowned organisations that have integrated Lean principles into their daily operations. These companies include industry leaders such as Toyota and Nissan, as well as smaller businesses and government institutions.

You will learn directly from Lean senseis, managers, and employees who apply Lean principles on a daily basis. They will share their experiences, insights, and teach you to understand the depth and breadth of the Lean philosophy.

In addition to company visits, the Lean Training Japan also includes hands-on workshops and training sessions. You will have the opportunity to put Lean theory into practice. These workshops can cover various topics such as the Toyota Production System (TPS), Culture, Kaizen, and 5S.

This Lean Training in Japan is more than just a professional development opportunity: it is also a cultural experience. You will be immersed in the Japanese culture, which plays a significant role in the Lean philosophy. The core principles of Lean play a major role in daily life in Japan – integrating respect for people and nature, continuous improvement, and teamwork.

The Lean Training in Japan is an intensive learning experience that will cement your understanding of Lean, enhance your professional skills, and inspire you to apply Lean principles in your own organisation.

Are you ready for the Lean Training in Japan?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Lean enthusiast, this Lean study trip offers a wealth of valuable insights and experiences for everyone. You can book to attend the study trip even if you have not completed any Lean training with us.

This study trip is aimed at (future) roles such as Lean Specialist, Lean Black Belt, process manager, quality manager, or improvement manager. Under the guidance of a Lean Master Black Belt, you will go through an intensive nine-day learning journey. At the end of the study trip, you will receive a participation certificate.

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What will this Lean Training in Japan give you?

Japanese culture is passionate about providing superior quality and delighting its customers. This is often referred to as “Creating Kando together” and during this trip you will have plenty of opportunities to experience “Kando” yourself. You have a day to explore Tokyo: take advantage of the famous driverless Yurikamome train, visit the impressive Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens, Tokyo Tower, or the entertainment district Izakaya, famous for its karaoke bars.

During the Lean Training in Japan, you will experience the authentic essence of Lean. You will be trained by Japanese Toyota senseis, visit organisations that have elevated Lean to an art form, and immerse yourself in the unique Japanese culture that values customer experience so highly.

Your perspective on Lean will be fundamentally transformed so that you become the go-to Lean specialist within your organisation.

You will have access to unique knowledge and experience that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The lessons you learn include both practical tips and theoretical knowledge, and you will discover how to apply them in your own work and organisation. This experience will undoubtedly lead to professional growth and personal development.

This Lean study trip to Japan will not only change your view on Lean but also on organisational structure, leadership, and management forever. As a Lean specialist, you will experience how Lean can help improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce waste, and increase customer satisfaction.

What will you learn during the Lean Training in Japan?

During this Lean training in Japan, you will travel to the heart of Lean philosophy. You will visit organisations that have elevated Lean to an art form: Toyota Factory, Nissan, Yamaha Piano, Tsukiji fish market, as well as healthcare enterprises and government institutions. Learning from Lean senseis, managers, and employees, you will see how these organisations have successfully applied Lean. Additionally, you will participate in various workshops related to the Toyota Production System (TPS), Continuous Improvement, and Kaizen. We will learn from Toyota, Nissan, Yamaha Piano, Kikuya dry cleaner, Fujitsu, healthcare institutions, local government offices, as well as a bank.

During this Lean study trip, you will be exposed to a wide range of relevant topics, including the art of Japanese craftsmanship and the infamous Japanese hospitality. Aspects such as customer satisfaction, Kaizen (continuous improvement), visual management, leadership, goal setting, and employee satisfaction will be extensively demonstrated and highlighted. Each theme contributes to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Lean principles and practices. You will learn about the interaction between Lean and the culture of an organisation.

What do you get during the Lean Training in Japan?

This all-inclusive seven-day Lean study trip to Japan includes transportation in Japan, accommodation, and organised activities. You will stay in excellent hotels in the centre of Nagoya and Tokyo, on a full board basis. The perfect place to relax after an intensive day of learning and new experiences. The flight tickets are not included.

Here’s what you get with the Lean Training Japan:

  • 7 days of Lean training in Japan
  • Full board hotel accommodation
  • Transportation to and from workshop locations
  • Certificate of participation as proof of this training
  • Access to our Lean Expert package (from White Belt to Black Belt).
  • Excluding flight tickets

Lean Training in Japan Programme:


Take your flight to Tokyo, Japan. Once on board the plane, you’ll have time to relax, watch movies, or prepare yourself for the world of Lean with further reading and research. Upon arrival in Tokyo, you begin your journey to Nagoya on the famous Bullet Train, which can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. The Lean journey starts immediately as you experience how the conductor greets and serves passengers. With a cycle (takt) time of only 7 minutes, the entire train is cleaned. This efficiency and speed are characteristic of the Japanese culture. 


Once we have arrived in Nagoya and checked into the hotel, we take some time to relax and recover from the journey. In the afternoon, we visit the Toyota Museum where we delve into the development of the Toyota Production System (TPS), which was created under the leadership of the Toyoda family. The Lean principles are clearly presented from start to finish, from the weaving loom to automobile production. We learn about concepts such as Jidoka (stopping the production line), Kanban, Just-in-Time, the insights of Taiichi Ohno, and the great value that is placed on respect for people.

The museum allows you to take photos and videos, which can later be used in your own presentations or Lean training.


On Monday, we visit the Toyota Management Institute, where we learn from experienced Lean masters, also known as senseis. Here, we gain hands-on experience with Lean and discover how Lean can be integrated into a culture of continuous improvement within an organisation. We will look at the Toyota Way Management System, also known as TPS, and explore Lean concepts. Your active participation and engagement in the practical exercises is fully expected! We learn, among other things, how to apply visual management – obeya to monitor results.


On Tuesday, we visit a Toyota factory, where we will be taken on an extensive tour. Here, we can witness Toyota rolling out a car from the production line every 63 seconds. During this visit, you will discover that Lean is not only about the tools but also about the development of employees. You will gain insight into how Toyota has created a culture of continuous improvement. Furthermore, you will learn how Toyota, in collaboration with its suppliers, developed the concept of Just-in-Time. At Toyota, suppliers are considered part of the family.


On Wednesday, we visit a Toyota supplier, where we learn how the 5S method contributes to a culture of continuous improvement. We gain insights into the importance of the Kanban system and how error-free work is essential for achieving perfect processes.

Next, we visit a Zen temple. Under the guidance of a Zen priest, we learn about the pursuit of daily perfection and how it forms the core of Zen philosophy.

Later, we travel to Tokyo using the Bullet Train, which can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. At the train station, we experience the principle of error-free work and see the technique of “Pointing and Calling” in practice. The Japanese Bullet Train is known for its punctuality, with an average annual train delay of only 40 seconds!

We end the day by checking into our hotel in Tokyo in the late afternoon.


On Thursday, we visit various service organisations, including a local government office, bank, healthcare institution, and IT company. Here, we gain insights into how Lean principles, originally developed for manufacturing processes, are applied in a service context. We learn about the principles that are effective in a service environment and how management functions are applied in an office setting.

We delve into concepts such as daily stand-up meetings and obeya, and learn about the techniques used to motivate and engage employees in continuous improvement processes.


Lean primarily revolves around culture and people: it is about the daily pursuit of customer value and perfect processes, with employees continuously engaged in making improvements. But how do you create a culture of continuous improvement? On this day, we take the opportunity to further explore this topic.

In the evening, we head to the martial arts hall for an Aikido session. You may wonder, what does this have to do with Lean? Within martial arts (budo), kata is an important element. Kata describes a set of exercises that is repeated over and over to achieve perfection in movement. This can be compared to, for example, a Standard Operating Procedure in the Lean methodology.


Today, you have a free day and the opportunity to explore the busy shopping district of Tokyo where you will come home with all kinds of souvenirs. If you prefer the quieter life, you may choose to take a hike in the mountains. Within just an hour’s train ride, you will find yourself in beautiful natural surroundings.


Make you have set your alarm as we prepare for the journey to the airport and our return flight to home. Upon arrival at the Airport in Tokyo, we bid farewell to each other and return home with our suitcases filled with inspiration, innovative ideas, and unforgettable memories.

Discover the magic of Lean management in Japan!

If you would like to learn more about this unforgettable Lean Study Trip to Japan and what it could mean for you and your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us through We are ready to answer all your questions and assist you in planning this Lean training in Japan.

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Testimonials from others who have experienced this trip:

“In Japan, a whole new world opened up to me. Nine days filled with inspiring workshops, extraordinary encounters, and an introduction to a fascinating culture. Upon my return, I immediately started working on improving our processes. It is thanks to the Lean study trip that we have been able to make lasting improvements.” – Robert Brekelmans, Director of Piant Stanztechnieken.

“This trip was inspiring in every way. Even on the return journey, I was overflowing with ideas to improve our processes. The eye-opener? Lean is a way of working that you can adapt to your own taste. On my recommendation, several of my colleagues also went to Japan with and came back thoroughly inspired.” – Robin Foolen, Process Manager at Secrid.

The phases of lean



Step into the Define phase and discover how to transform your improvement project into a clear roadmap for success! In this crucial phase, you delve deep into the core of the issue, define the scope of the improvement project, and gather 'Voice of the Customer' information. This lays a solid foundation upon which you can build to optimise your process!



Enter the Measure phase and elevate your process to the next level! Here, you go far beyond merely describing and visualising the process. You also hit the nail on the head by identifying waste and unveiling quick-wins. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making through the execution of measurements.



Take action with the invaluable data you've gathered in the Measure phase! Kick off with a baseline assessment to map out your current performance. After this analysis, it's time to fine-tune your improvement journey and delve into the root causes of your problems. Employ an arsenal of advanced techniques not just to identify issues, but also to bring solutions within reach.



Implement improvements in the Improve phase! After conducting in-depth analyses and unravelling the root causes, it's time to come up with solutions. Harness the creativity of the participants and make intelligent use of Lean tools to arrive at a well-thought-out selection of solutions.



This step teaches you a range of robust safeguarding techniques to ensure that resolved issues truly become a thing of the past. You wrap up the Lean project and extend your gratitude to the dedicated project team that made it all possible.