About Dmaic.com

Dmaic.com is an international training institute for Lean and Lean Six Sigma professionals. Dmaic.com also offers training and advisory services to support you in establishing a culture of continuous improvement within organisations. Since 2020, we have been the very first Lean training provider where you can earn your White, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt certification online. Dmaic.com was founded by Anend Harkhoe, who was trained in Japan and holds an MBA in process improvement.

Personal guidance from our Lean specialists.
Internationally recognised Lean certificate
Dmaic.com is accredited by LCS, the Cardiff University licenced service. Once you have completed an online course, you will receive an internationally recognised Lean certification.
Comprehensive Lean training
Our online training has all the same content as regular (classroom) lean training. You have access to all the same information and you will undertake the same practical exercises.
Personal guidance
During your training, our Lean experts will be available online to support you.
No fuss with subscriptions
At Dmaic.com, you pay a fixed price per total package or individual training – our pricing structure is very clear.

More than 500 professionals achieved their Lean certificate via Dmaic.com

From government institutions to banking, from healthcare organisations to industry: dozens of organisations engaged Dmaic.com to implement a culture of continuous improvement.

Obtain a recognized Lean-certificate

Personal guidance from Lean specialists

Online at Dmaic.com does not mean alone. During your training, our Lean experts will be available to support you. Do you have a question or you can't figure something out? During office hours, you will be able to reach your course leader via Whatsapp, email, MS-Teams, and phone.

Meet our Lean-experts

Anend Harkhoe

Lean specialist

With extensive experience across various sectors including healthcare, banking, manufacturing, justice, and consulting firms, Anend is eager to take you on a journey into the world of Lean.

I believe in the power of people, action, and experimentation. Our goal is to ensure that the knowledge you gain from us is directly applicable in your work or organization. My ambition? To make Lean as inspiring, engaging, and meaningful as possible, so that everyone can apply it. Everything to ensure that you are inspired to engage with Lean.

Rolf Thorn

Lean specialist

My focus is on making all 'lean' knowledge practically applicable, so you can successfully implement it in practice! Ultimately, that's what it's all about!

Improvement and change are commonly used terms, but I prefer to call it continuous experimentation. After all, nothing has ever changed solely from a theoretical book! Just take a look around at all the ongoing projects within your organization. The essence lies in: how do you get people to truly embrace and consistently use the improvements? Pragmatism is crucial in this regard.

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