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Lean Yellow Belt

The Lean Yellow Belt e-learning opens the door to the Lean Universe. In this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of the Lean philosophy. Additionally, this training provides practical tips and techniques that you can apply right away.

16 hours
On average, you will need 16 hours to complete this training online.

In this online Lean Yellow Belt course, you will learn extensively about the Lean philosophy. You will go beyond the basics, learning to identify waste and map processes.

Online Lean Yellow Belt Training

Unlock the Lean universe with our online Lean Yellow Belt training. This training course will introduce you to the Lean philosophy, providing you with practical tips and techniques that you can immediately apply.

What is Lean Yellow Belt?

As a Lean Yellow Belt, you will learn the principles of Lean, equipping you to actively participate in improvement projects within your organisation. You will learn specific techniques such as supporting workshops, identifying and eliminating waste, and participating in improvement initiatives.

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Are you ready to become a Lean Yellow Belt?

The Lean Yellow Belt is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to a culture of continuous improvement within their organisation. After completing the training, you will be ready to embark on improvement projects and make valuable contributions to the growth and efficiency of your organisation.

What can the Lean Yellow Belt training offer you?

After completing this Lean Yellow Belt training, you will find yourself as the in-demand team member when it comes to improvement projects. You will learn to recognise waste, implement quick wins, and become proficient in applying the most commonly used Lean techniques. After the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of Lean in your daily work, enabling you to optimise processes, identify waste, and create value for the customer.
  • Recognise and eliminate waste in processes to improve efficiency. You will be able to identify non-value-added activities and reduce or eliminate them, saving time, costs, and resources.
  • Actively participate in Lean implementations within your organisation and contribute to continuous improvement. You will be able to join improvement teams, support improvement initiatives, and promote a culture of continuous improvement within your team and organisation.

In short, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to apply Lean principles and techniques in your daily work. You will be able to reduce waste and contribute to the growth and efficiency of your organisation.

What will you learn during the Lean Yellow Belt training?

During this online Lean Yellow Belt training, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the Lean philosophy. You will complete various modules that cover different phases of Lean, including the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control) methodologies. You will learn:

  • The background and principles of Lean, including the focus on creating value, eliminating waste, and striving for continuous improvement. You will understand how Lean can have a positive impact on organisations and how to define value from the customer’s perspective.
  • Important Lean techniques and tools used to streamline processes and improve efficiency. You will learn methods such as 5S, value stream mapping, kanban, Kaizen, and visual management, and how to apply them to identify waste, optimise processes, and improve flow.
  • The creation of A3 charters, learning how to structure and communicate complex problems to stakeholders. This helps create a common understanding and direction when it comes to process improvement.
  • Process mapping and analysis to identify improvement opportunities. You will learn how to map processes, visualise workflows, and identify the interdependencies between activities. This helps in identifying bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.
  • Problem identification and resolution using the PDCA and DMAIC methodologies. You will learn how to systematically approach problems by setting goals, conducting experiments, monitoring results, and adjusting processes based on feedback. You will gain insights into root cause analysis and learn how to implement sustainable solutions.
  • Identifying root causes and conducting small-scale improvement projects within your department. You will learn how to collect and analyse data to identify the causes of problems and implement improvements on a small scale. You will be provided with tools to effectively implement and communicate changes within your team or department.

In summary, this training provides a deep understanding of the Lean philosophy and equips you with practical knowledge and skills to apply Lean techniques and methodologies. You will be able to reduce waste, optimise processes, tackle complex problems, and implement improvements, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation.

The merits of online learning:

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits it offers. The flexibility it provides is unparalleled: you can study at a time to suit you, without having to commit to a fixed schedule. This is especially convenient for those people who have work, family or other

Online learning also allows you to learn at your own pace. You can process and understand the information in a way that matches your learning speed. If you are a fast learner, you don’t have to wait for others, and if you need extra time, you can take it.

Another significant advantage of online learning is the cost and time savings. Without travel expenses and with lower tuition fees compared to classroom courses, online learning is often more cost effective. Additionally, you save time that would otherwise be spent on travel or commuting.

This wouldn’t be balanced if we didn’t also address some of the challenges associated with online learning. While technological advancements have made timely communication much easier, the lack of direct interaction with trainers could be perceived as an obstacle. Fortunately, we provide support via phone, app, or email to compensate for this.

Online learning also requires a certain level of self-discipline. Without the structure of a fixed schedule, it can be tempting to procrastinate. Technical issues can also prove challenging and frustrating for delegates if they are unable to rely on functioning technology and internet access.

Despite these challenges, online learning does offer numerous benefits and opens the doors to flexible and accessible education for everyone, everywhere.

How much time does the Lean Yellow Belt training require?

On average, you will need 16 hours to complete the online Lean Yellow Belt training.

Lean Yellow Belt Certification:

Upon successful completion of all lessons and assessments, you will receive an internationally recognised Lean Yellow Belt certification. This certifies your knowledge and skills in Lean principles and methodologies and proves your ability to apply Lean principles in various business environments to improve processes and reduce waste.

Our training is accredited by LCS, the Cardiff University licenced service, one of the most reputable Lean certification bodies worldwide. This accreditation ensures that our training meets the highest international quality standards and that your acquired skills and knowledge will be recognised by employers globally. View the certificate here:

Lean Certificate Yellow Belt

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Internationally recognised Lean certificate is accredited by LCS, the Cardiff University licenced service. Once you have completed an online course, you will receive an internationally recognised Lean certification.
Comprehensive Lean training
Our online training has all the same content as regular (classroom) lean training. You have access to all the same information and you will undertake the same practical exercises.
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During your training, our Lean experts will be available online to support you.
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At, you pay a fixed price per total package or individual training – our pricing structure is very clear.

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