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At Toyota, people came to the conclusion that every problem inside an organisation can -and must be- summarised on a single piece of paper (One Pager).

In this way all involved employees will look at the problem through the same lens. Doing this means that the thinking process becomes more focused and is well structured.

1 hours
On average, you will need 1 hours to complete this workshop online.

Discover Lean with’s free online A3 training, specially designed for professionals focused on efficiency and productivity. This workshop provides the tools for drafting an A3 report, an essential technique for problem analysis, suitable for both Lean beginners and experienced professionals.

Lean A3 Workshop

Would you like to learn how to create a A3? Then this Lean workshop could be just the thing for you. Without the commitment of a full training course, we offer bitesize Lean learning for you to be able to hit the ground running.

Why is this A3 training free?

Lean principles are only valuable when you can truly apply and share the knowledge. That’s why is offering this A3 training free of charge. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge sharing and maintain that everyone should have access to the tools and techniques required to enhance efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

Whether you are just starting out with Lean, or are an experienced professional looking for new insights, we invite you to take part in our free A3 training. Learn, share, and make a difference in your organisation and beyond with

What is A3 Project Charter?

At Toyota, it was realised that every problem within an organisation can – and should be – summarised on a single piece of paper, a ‘One Pager’. The A3 project report template, named after the A3 size paper, became a standard approach to problem-solving, planning, and reporting.

In this way, all involved employees view the issue through the same lens, keeping the thought process as focused and structured as possible. This method helps to prevent fragmentation of information and one-sided interpretations by ensuring everyone has access to the same, consolidated information. It enables a team to work collaboratively on a solution, leading to improved communication, collaboration, and ultimately better results.

The use of an A3- report template compels employees to formulate the problem and the steps towards the solutions in a clear and concise manner. The limited space forces teams to describe the crux of the problem, the cause, the potential solutions, and the action points succinctly. This omits irrelevant details and focuses on what’s truly important.

Moreover, the use of the A3 methodology promotes a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. By visualising and sharing problems, solutions, and action plans, a learning and improving environment becomes a natural part of work. It empowers employees to think critically about their work, concentrate on what truly matters, and improve their own performance as well as that of the organisation.

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Are you ready to take your skills to the next level with our A3 workshop?

We’ve designed this online A3 workshop for driven professionals like you. Whether you’re aiming to improve efficiency and productivity at the workplace, or are limited in time or resources for a full Lean training, this workshop is the ideal starting point.

What can the A3 workshop offer you?

After completing the A3 workshop, you will have a good understanding of the A3 principles and be able to apply this in your daily work. With the A3 methodology in your toolkit, you are better equipped to drive and lead continuous improvements in your organisation.

What will you do?

During this A3 training, you’ll get hands-on experience drafting an A3 report, guided by a clear step-by-step plan and supported by downloadable templates. This way, you’ll learn directly how to put the theory into practice.

Start this Online Lean A3 workshop.

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