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What is a Yamazumi analysis?

Understanding Yamazumi Analysis: Streamlining Processes for Efficiency

Do you want to make your business process optimal and nearly waste-free? Say hello to Yamazumi analysis, your operational transformation associate. In layman’s terms, a Yamazumi is a visualization of the interconnectedness of time, customer value, and waste in every process step.

What is Yamazumi Analysis?

Yamazumi analysis allows you to see the Muda, Mura, and Muri present in your processes. When you separate the activities at each step into value-added and non-value-added tasks, you draw a clear picture of where waste exists and how it can be eliminated.

Visualizing Waste

Through color-coding, Yamazumi analysis allows waste to be visualized ; green tasks are value-adding, while red tasks are not. This makes it extremely simple to pinpoint improvements and determine what to focus on.

Understanding Takt Time

Takt time represents the pace at which workers should complete their tasks to satisfy consumers. More specifically, takt time is the process’ heartbeat. So long as all process steps fall under the takt time, operations will run without difficulties. Statements claiming otherwise suggest that something may be going on and should be checked.

Example Scenario: Current vs. Improved Process

In this hypothetical example, the process is not balanced, resulting in inefficiencies and disturbances. However, after conducting a Yamazumi analysis, we can reduce the non-value-added time, achieve a better balance, and ensure the flow of a lean process.

Conducting Your Yamazumi Analysis

  1. Waste mapping for each process step.
  2. The time for value-added process.
  3. Takt time calculated and the graph created to help define it.
  4. Additional KPI determined.
  5. The graph analyzed to define the improvement actions.

Finding Bottlenecks

Identification Bottlenecks are what makes the very essence of Yamazumi analysis. Once you identify them, you must divide activities between the operators and eliminate waste, thus ensuring better operations and higher efficiency.


Incorporate Yamazumi analysis into your business toolkit and watch as it revolutionizes your processes, driving productivity and value creation. Say goodbye to waste and hello to streamlined operations!

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