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Process Models and Value Flow

The value flow is how things move in a process. It can help us think about what is going on overall, how the process is running. We always must be thinking about processes in relation to the customer and how they benefit.

A process model is a map. Specifically, it’s a description of how a product or service moves through a company. We need to describe our processes for a few reasons: it helps us have the knowledge

Visualizing Process Steps and Responsibilities

Teams emphasize their processes in various ways. Among the most well-known are the following:

  • Flowchart: A visual representation of the steps in a process, typically using symbols to depict different actions, decisions, and outcomes in sequential order.
  • Swim lane: A type of flowchart that organizes process steps into distinct lanes or columns, often representing different departments or individuals responsible for each step.
  • Spaghetti diagram: A visual tool used to track the physical movement or flow of people, materials, or information within a workspace or process, often highlighting inefficiencies or unnecessary movement.
  • Makigami Diagram: A detailed process mapping tool that focuses on capturing information about the flow of materials, information, and activities within a process, often used in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Value stream map: A visualization tool used to analyze and improve the flow of materials and information required to bring a product or service to a customer, identifying areas of waste and opportunities for improvement along the value stream.

For Lean processes, examples of which include routes of actions to ensure the flow of work, the approach uses two models:

  1. Makigami Diagram, suitable for service processes, and
  2. Value Stream Map, for production processes.


A solid understanding of the prototypes of Lean can help make how things operate more efficiently and assure that the end consumer always achieves the best achieve.

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