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Measure Phase

Understanding Measure Phase – Mapping the process and collecting information

In the realm of process improvement, understanding how value flows through each stage is crucial. Measure Phase: Value stream mapping In terms of process improvement, it is essential to determine the way that value goes through every stage of the process.

The Measure Phase requires process mapping and obtaining critical data that will help reveal places for improvement. Below, take a look at this phase and the way it is necessary for workflows improvement.

Value delivery is dependent on the activities during the process, with the goal being the highest possible value addition and the least waste. Unfortunately, most processes in the real word are characterized by multiple inefficiencies.

In this context, the Measure Phase requires comprehensive mapping of all occasions and activities that occur during value delivery processes of goods or services to consumers. It forms a day collection – time, quantity, errors- called “value stream”.

Key Tools for Process Description:

1.       Value Stream Map

2.       Swim Lane

3.       Flow Chart

4.       Spaghetti Diagram

In addition to organizing and gathering data, these tools also help enhance the current process visibility to identify inefficiencies, deficiencies, or opportunities for improvement. The Measure Phase creates a basis to reconnoiter the improvement journey in the subsequent steps.

Understanding Measure Phase Modules

The Measure Phase modules are those that address the existing process and focus on gathering essential data and information about its current state and effectiveness. These modules include: processes which are as follows;

  • Value stream mapping
  • Value added
  • The eight wastes 
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Collecting data
  • Measurement plan 
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Sampling


Thoroughly understanding and documenting the current state of processes allow organizations to lay the foundation for focused improvements. By virtue of the Measure Phase, data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement are at the user’s to disposal, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and organizational performance.

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