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Which belt comes after the Lean White Belt?

After the Lean White Belt comes the Lean Yellow Belt. The Lean program structures the development of knowledge and skills through a belt system, similar to the levels in martial arts. Here is the order of the belts with a description of what each stage entails:

  1. Lean White Belt – Provides an introduction to the basic principles of Lean management.
  2. Lean Yellow Belt – Builds on the basic principles and introduces more advanced techniques.
  3. Lean Orange Belt – This training is the perfect step for professionals who want to advance to a Green or Black Belt.
  4. Lean Green Belt – In this training, you develop the knowledge and skills to independently lead improvement and change initiatives.
  5. Lean Black Belt – After completion, you will be able to initiate and lead improvement projects independently, guiding your organisation towards perfect processes and continuous improvement.
  6. Lean Master Black Belt – The highest level, where you become an expert in Lean methodologies and principles at the management level.

The Lean White Belt is the first step; each subsequent belt further deepens your knowledge and skills.

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