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Define phase – The start of your Lean improvement project

Understanding the Define Phase in Lean: Putting Customers First

In the Lean world, it is consumer first. Without that, the company has walked off. The customer is the reason the product or service was a hit and how make purchases with his own money.

So, where to begin with? First, there is a need to understand what the clients’ true demands are. What do they value? What do they want to put their money into?

Lean method is centered on the consumer. It involves delivering products right on time without damage and in less time without needless defects.

In Lean, the customer selects which steps in a process generate benefit. An activity is classified as added value if it meets the following three requirements:

  1. Customer readiness to pay:  If customers will not pay the value, something not being added value.
  2. Product or service transformation: Action to be an addition or a change.
  3. First-time correctness: Should be done correctly first time. Saves time, and energy.

Let’s now explore the contents of the Define phase:

  • The Start of Improvement Projects: This stage represents the start of your journey toward improvement.
  • Voice of the Customer: Identifying and considering the needs and perspectives of your consumers.
  • Critical to Quality: The elements that are crucial to quality, which in turn have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, should be determined.
  • Voice of the Business: Needs of both the consumer and the business must be considered.
  • Improvement Teams: Assembling groups dedicated to making positive change.


In conclusion, the Define phase sets the inevitable course for the improvement projects to be focused on the needs of the customer and goals of the company. The Lean methodology sets the customer’s needs as the highest value that has to be delivered, and the commitment to quality is above anything else.

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