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For any business or organization, it is critical to understand customer expectations, let alone meet them. How can you know what customers expect and how well you manage to deliver on those expectations? Enter the stage of Customer Arena.

The Customer Arena is a platform where customers can openly and freely express their experiences and expectations to your team. This is where it all begins.

Imagine this: your customers and staff participating in open dialogue. Ideally, the Customers will provide input on how they perceive the support services, what works for them, and where you could make improvements. On the other hand, your team will receive direct feedback on its performance and the way it provides services.

Here’s how the Customer Arena works:

Round 1:

Customers take the microphone. An impartial conversation leader guides them, and customers say what they think about your organization’s services. What has it been connected with you? What is your attitude towards our quality of services? How do we rank in terms of service quality during comparison with competitors? That your team swallows and listens to.

Round 2:

Your team comes out. Your staff can ask questions and make contact with customers competently. The conversation leader swears that customers and your team discuss each other’s shallows and mutual expectations, positive and negative factors factor quality of services. This is your lesson.

Round 3:

Customer Service Arena Reflections: Reflecting on the discussions in the Customer Service Arena, it is your staff’s turn. Your team is on the look to operate even better. What will we do right last week, yesterday, lately, and always? At the end of R1 and prior to R3, they prepare a list of points they can get better at together. Your list also serves as the enhancement projects’ map for the future.

After the Arena, your staff is post-Arena geared up and primed to embark on these projects. For the first time, they have information straight from your customers to begin with.


Very important, In short, by embracing the Customer Arena, you gain invaluable feedback and continuously demonstrate the utmost commitment to the customer and principles on which your relationship operates. It’s not just acceptable — expectations always imply more than simply a service. It embodies a relationship and trust, established through the arena.

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