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Critical to Quality (CTQ)

Understanding Critical to Quality (CTQ) in Lean: Meeting Customer Demands Simply

The world of Lean principles emphasizes the need to know what your customers value. Critical to Quality factors are primary quality demands that impact customer satisfaction. In other words, answering the question, what does the customer want to get? Let’s find out what CTQ is in simple words.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

The voice of the journey’s customer is just for an example. More importantly, when the customer gives their feedback that is us listening to the customer’s voice. The Voice of the Customer typically starts vaguely when they say something like, “I want my problem solved quickly when I call for support.” We are taking the first baby step.

Key Issues and Aspects

Next, we now need to identify the main issues behind VOC example, Issue: solvability in 10 minutes and be connected to the right person promptly.

Critical to Quality (CTQ)

All the above-mentioned aspects may be turned into the measurable characteristics known as critical to quality, What CTQ will be in your case: the customer demands quick problem resolution and correct agent connection. For me it is when he or she is connected to the right person instantly and the resolution does not take longer than 10 minutes.

Examples in Practice

Let’s assume that the user has called the error to the helpdesk. His CTQ actually is that we need to connect his call to the right agent instantly and then resolve in 10 minutes.

Categories of CTQs

  • Categories of CTQs are as follows:
  • Quality: The specified standards are met.
  • Speed: The period for adjustments, waiting, and completion is taken.
  • Safety: Accidents are minimized.
  • Reliability: Errors are reduced.
  • Flexibility: Changeover times are streamlined.
  • Costs and Hours: expenses and time spent are handled.

The Significance of CTQs

CTQs are the variables one can measure to drive the improvement process. By improving our CTQs, we can ensure that the process continues to function at peak performance, and our customers get their orders with precision and consistency.

Final Thoughts

The value of CTQs is simplifying the approach to meeting customers’ requirements. By making them the priority of our process, the organizations can ensure that their service continuously achieves peak value and drives customer satisfaction.

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